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AFNI 8 Class Notes: 6/30/2016

After you have Group Analysis Complete you can open the AFNI gui: afni

From here you can:

  1. set the Underlay and Overlay.
  2. open Define Overlay.
  3. select OLay and Thr.
  4. set the voxel-based p-value (right click on the T-t text).
  5. set the cluster-based (alpha threshold) based on ClustSim determinations.
  6. press Rpt to get table.
  7. change output file prefix.
  8. press SaveTable and SaveMsk.
  9. on Axial/Sagittal/Coronal views select Disp select jpg.
  10. press Sav1.jpg and enter good naming

To make nice surface rendered images in afni use an approach like: do_suma

To get make tables use an approach like: TableFillerTLRC or TableFillerMNI

To get extractions on the clusters use 3dROIstats -mask {output file prefix}_mask+tlrc ../Subjects/*BRIKS/*{task}+tlrc > output.ROIS.txt