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ANTS Class 1: 7/21/2016

Setting up ANTS (done on Taisen):

goto software location
git clone git://
mkdir antsbin
cd antsbin
ccmake ../ANTs
in cmake type "c" twice and then "g" [wait 30 minutes+]
make -j 4 [wait 30 minutes+]

Setting up in your path (per individual):

gedit .bash_profile &
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin: ...:/mnt/nfs/software/antsbin/bin/:/mnt/nfs/software/ANTs/Scripts/


Setting up ANTsR (done on Taisen):

open R or rstudio
library( devtools )

Primary ANTs and ANTsR resources:
ANTs: website pdf
ANTsR: website pdf

Building a Template: or mildly modified example.txt
./ -r 1 -c 0 -d 3 -o PEtemplate_ *.nii.gz